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January 16, 2018

Stem Cell Therapy For Knees:Osteoarthritis & Joint Disorders

Stem Cell Therapy For Knees to Relieve Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) in knees is a growing concern for individuals across the world. It occurs in the joints and leads to a long-lasting joint disorder. However, with Stem cell therapy for knees, osteoarthritis can be relieved.

How The Disorder Occurs

The cartilage that covers the joint ends is hit by this disorder and causes the bones to rub together harshly. And as a result, it causes stiffness, pain and other complications in the joints. Stem Cell Therapy for the knee is a way to relieve this condition.

Around 30 million men and women are affected by this disorder in the United States. The disorder highly affects the older people, but young individuals are not safe from this complication as well. This joint disorder is known by different names such as degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disorder, and wear-tear arthritis. If studies are to be believed, OA is one of the leading causes that occurs disability.

When it comes to the affected body parts, knees are highly prone to be affected by this disorder as compared to other parts of the body.

How Does Osteoarthritis Affect Your Knees

Knee arthritis is no different from that of Hip OA. This disorder can affect both of the knees at the same time. Like Osteoarthritis, different factors such as genetics, age, and knee injuries add to the causes of this disorder in the knees.

Repetitive and extensive physical activity, that puts pressure on one sole muscle and overlooks other muscle tissues, can put you at a higher risk of Osteoarthritis. This is quite similar to that of athletes who gradually develop the knee OA. Athletes who in general concentrate only on one sport involving running or tennis may increase their own risks to develop this disorder at a higher rate. So, when you do so like putting extensive pressure on one of your muscles to the great length, it causes weakness in your joint and creates imbalance in the knee joints.
Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

Treatment Available for Osteoarthritis in Knees

Since osteoarthritis in the knees has different stages based on its severity; the variety of treatment options depend on it too.  The knee osteoarthritis is divided into four stages. Amongst these, Stage 1 requires some health supplements and daily exercises to be relieved, whereas the rest need a high medical intervention. However, when your conditions deteriorate, like pain, swelling and weaknesses deepen, you definitely require a sound treatment such as surgery. While discussing the surgery, the stem cell therapy is indeed the best choices for the patients to get a relief from the knee pain and other complications for a longer period.

Clinical Evidence For Stem Cell Therapy For Knees to Support its Benefits

Though the stem cell therapy does not have too many researches that support its claim, the demand is high amongst the patients. No matter if it is not covered by medical insurances, when it comes to opting for the best knee surgeries, individuals across the world prefer the stem cell therapy over other treatment choices.
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As per the studies carried out by the researchers at Stanford University, there is a growing demand and interest amongst the people to use stem cell as a method of treating their knee injuries. During such treatment procedures, a person’s bone marrow or fat is required to take stem cells to create millions of the identical stem cells to treat orthopedic injuries and other joint-related disorders. Stem cells play a great role in the medical history to treat orthopedic injuries.

With regard to this, stem cell injections are a great way to give relief to patients. As per claims by Dr. Borg, associate professor at Harvard Medical School, fat-derived stem cell injections are a good option to get long-lasting effects. And the issues of knee, hips and even shoulder can be removed for four to five years.

In another revelation, James Bradley a professor at the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center, stem cell injections are showing good results in treating osteoarthritis. His athletes with earlier signs of osteoarthritis are active now.

These clinical evidences are enough to establish your belief that stem cell therapy is of a great use when it comes to treating knee injuries and other joint disorders.

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