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January 12, 2018

Stem Cell Therapy:Regrow Hair with the Boon of Stem Cell

Regrow Your Hair With the Boon of Stem Cell Therapy

What do you think is baldness worth admiring? It could be so if you were Satya Nadella or a newborn baby. But, what if you are amongst those people with alopecia or hair loss problems? The condition can be a great matter of concern, coupled with a huge embarrassment.

You don’t need many inputs why hair is an important part of anyone’s life. A complete and full head has always been a sign of pride which reflects one’s beauty and strength throughout the history. Men’s manhood and energy depend on their voluminous mane while women’s locks speak volume for their beauty and feminism. And the reverse is the impact when there are serious issues with hair.

Almost a few years earlier, retrieving back the same look as you did in your 20’s with those locks, was quite impossible. However, today, there is a silver lining to grow back the human hair soon and anytime you want. All this is possible with the magic of the stem cell therapy.

Why Do We Lose Our Hair

The human head has estimated 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair. We tend to lose about 40 to 100 strands each day for a normal reason which are replaced back to their follicles by a new one. Unlike general causes, hair loss or alopecia is likely to occur due to genetic reasons. This apart, another factor triggers the loss of hair rapidly, such as chemotherapy, stress, injuries, and hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, being too much experimented with our own hair like coloring, bleaching, and straightening adds to the hair troubles.

And when we reach 50, the pattern of baldness becomes apparent. This typical hair loss problem hits almost every person regardless of their gender. Different types of hair transplant surgeries have been in use for many times now. During such treatment procedures, skin with hair follicles is removed from the area where hair is present and replaced onto the area where it is not present. But, it is seen that the result is not permanent if not proper care is taken. However, the regeneration of human hair is possible with the stem cell therapy, which gives a permanent result.
stem cell therapy

The Science Behind Hair Loss

According to the study published in Nature Cell Biology, human follicles are able to grow hair throughout a person’s lifetime since it is infused with undying stem cells. These hair follicles come out of their inactivation period when a new hair cycle arrives, and trigger the growth of new hair. The period of inactivation is regulated by different factors and when it fails to be activated, the hair loss occurs.

How Can Stem Cell Be Used to Regrow Hair?

It all depends on the metabolism of the hair follicle stem cell. Hair cellular metabolism depends on the bloodstream to get glucose. And gradually, glucose is processed into a metabolite known as pyruvate. The cellular stem either processes pyruvate to make energy or change it to lactate. Further research shows that influencing the lactate could result in regeneration of the hair cycle.The research has been carried out on the mice in the lab at the University of Utah. And now, it is proved that the hair follicle stem cell could be inactivated with the blockage in the production of lactate, and the same could be activated with the removal of the blockage. So, the activation of hair follicle stem cell leads to the new hair cycle and thus results in the growth of hair. Another study in the recent times proves that stem cells of the human embryo and fetal tissue can be used to create dermal papilla cells so as to form follicles and promote hair growth.

So, rest assured as gone are the days when you have to compromise with your bald look because there is a sunshine right before your eyes.

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