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February 17, 2018

Stem Cells Raising Hopes For Improving Kidney Functions

Stem Cells Raising Hopes For Improving Kidney Functions

The stem cells’ capability of self-renewal and differentiation has made it easier for medical persons, and clinical professionals to bring about different treatment options for many inexorable ailments. And this time, the magic of stem cells is weaving hopes for the patients suffering from the kidney diseases.

In a major breakthrough, the scientists at the University of Manchester have developed a functioning mini kidney. They developed it using stem cells within a living organism. It is exciting for the patients suffering the renal disease. The mini kidneys are capable of producing urine and acting as similar to the human kidneys. This is a big milestone in the treatment of kidney diseases. And that's why they could aid in multiplying the future treatment scopes for the patients one day.

Kidney Ailment- A Major Health Issue

A large number of populations is suffering from the kidney ailments. The mortality rate of the kidney patients is reaching an unprecedented number every year. Due to the chronic kidney failure, the kidney cannot produce urine. When the disease worsens, the kidneys fail to filter excess wastes and excrete fluids out of the body. As a result, at the advanced age, the wastes build up in the system and impair the kidney functions. The impaired kidneys impact the normal functioning of urine, and advocates for relief. To relieve this problem, patients have to undergo dialysis.
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According to the study, around two million people opt for kidney transplantation or dialysis. But, most patients cannot afford these treatments.

The mini-kidneys developed with the stem cells are raising a silver lining for the patients with kidney dysfunctions.

The Development Process of The Mini Kidney or Kidney Tissues

The embryonic stem cells were the key elements to develop the kidney glomeruli in the living organism. Scientists fragmented these cells into different microscopic kidney tissues. And they used cultural dishes to grow them. The pieces were mixed with a gel-like substance that functioned as connective tissues. And the clump was then injected under the skin of mice. After three months, the functional tissues of the kidney- nephrons had developed.

The discovery has seen the wonders of the medical sciences for the first time. The kidney of the mouse or the nephrons included all the major parts as similar as the human nephrons. The experimental mice’s nephrons comprised distal tubules, proximal tubules, Bowman’s capsules, and Loop of Henle. To nurture the new formation of the kidneys, minute blood vessels found in the human body developed as well.


Major Hurdle To The Success

The kidneys of human have a large artery to flow the blood to the kidney. But, the newly developed functioning mini-kidneys in mice miss this feature. This is a major hurdle to bring about the true medical benefits to the patients with kidney ailments.

A fluorescent protein called dextran is capable of straining urine from the blood during the glomerular filtration process. So, scientists used dextran in the mice to examine the functionality of filtration and excretion of urine.
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When the scientists tracked dextran, they saw that it was able to filtrate urine and excrete it.

So, there is no doubt about the new structures’ capability of filtration and excretion like kidney cells. However, it is still unclear how effectively the new structures function in the living organism.

Still, it leads to a hope to create more advanced treatments using the pluripotent stem cells.

Future Hopes

Humans have innumerable glomeruli in their kidneys. And, this new structure has breathed a life through a few hundred glomeruli. Of course, they showed a sign of hopes for the future treatments in kidney ailments. And the further development and research using this technique may advance the existing treatment options for kidney diseases.

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